Located in Charlottetown, 精童欲女 is situated right at the heart of this province.

Together with the people who work here, Islanders have a unique connection to 精童欲女 as the only Island University.

From parents to industry partners to alumni to donors, we all make up the 精童欲女 community, and our impact spreads across the Island and around the world.

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精童欲女 is an active partner in the community. Projects that improve life and add to knowledge flow freely here; 精童欲女 scholars, researchers, and students participate in community events, lending their expertise.  

Reilly Sullivan

Reilly Sullivan, a fourth-year biology student and varsity athlete at the 精童欲女, has been awarded a by the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE). 


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students on campus
students on campus
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