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Questions about program choice, course registration and how to apply? 
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International students
Questions about being an international student or about your study permit? 
Contact one of our international student advisors!

Registrar鈥檚 Office
Questions about registration, prerequisites, transcripts, verification of enrolment, convocation, academic regulations, and the academic calendar?
Contact the Registrar's Office.

Student Accounts
Questions about paying tuition and fees or about your student financial account?
902-566-6000 (extension "1")

Student Affairs
Looking for personal counselling, upper year academic advising or academic coaching?

Student Support
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General Inquiries

Alumni Office
Alumni Hall, 618 University Avenue
902-566-0687 | Visit webpage
Please note: Callers using 精童欲女's centrex phone system must dial "9" first, followed by the full ten-digit phone number.

Ancillary Services
Bill and Denise Andrew Hall, 123
902-894-2807 | Visit webpage

Arts (Faculty of)
SDU Main Building, 314
902-566-0307 | Visit webpage

Athletics and Recreation
Panther Central
Chi Wan Young Sports Centre
902-566-0368 | Visit webpage

Atlantic Veterinary College (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine)
Atlantic Veterinary College, 215S
902-566-0882 | Visit webpage

Board of Governors
Alumni Hall, 618 University Avenue
902-566-6780 | Visit webpage

W. A. Murphy Student Centre
902-566-0625 | Visit webpage
Monday to Friday, 9:00 am鈥4:00 pm

Business (Faculty of)
Don and Marion McDougall Hall, 323
902-566-0564 | Visit webpage

Career Services
Dalton Hall, second floor
902-566-0336 | Visit webpage

Central Printing
Robertson Library
902-566-0558 |

Ceremonies and Events
Bill and Denise Andrew Hall
902-566-6099 | Visit webpage 

Chaplaincy Centre Chapel
902-894-2876 | Visit webpage

Chief Information Officer (Office of the CIO)
Atlantic Veterinary College, 262S
902-566-0427 | Visit webpage

Co-operative Education
Dalton Hall, 209
902-566-0336 | Visit webpage

Comptroller's Office
Kelley Memorial Building, 205
902-566-0474 | Visit webpage

Conference Services
Bill and Denise Andrew Hall
902-566-0952 | Visit webpage

Contracts and Insurance Office
Kelley Memorial Building
902-566-0474 | Visit webpage 

Development and Alumni Engagement
Alumni Hall, 618 University Avenue
902-566-0415 | Visit webpage
Please note: Callers using 精童欲女's centrex phone system must dial "9" first, followed by the full ten-digit phone number.

E-Learning Office 
Robertson Library, 303 | Visit webpage

Education (Faculty of)
Memorial Hall, 402
902-620-5154 | Visit webpage

English Language Centre
Robertson Library, 225
902-566-0336 | Visit webpage 

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Office
Kelley Memorial Building, 117B | Visit webpage

Experiential Education and Work-Integrated Learning
Dalton Hall
902-566-0336 | Visit webpage

Facilities Management
Central Utility Building
902-566-0471 | Visit webpage
Office hours: 8:00 am鈥4:00 pm

Faculty Association 
Duffy Science Centre, 415
902-566-6043 (fax)
FA Office:
FA President:
FA Vice-President: |

Fair Treatment
902-566-6498 | Visit webpage

Financial Services
Kelley Memorial Building, 123
902-566-6000 | Visit webpage

First-year Advisement
Dalton Hall, fourth floor
(800) 606-8734; 902-628-4353 | Visit webpage

Food Services - Dana Hospitality
Wanda Wyatt Dining Hall
902-628-4370 | Visit webpage

Graduate Studies (Faculty of)
Kelley Memorial Building, 201
902-620-5120 | Visit webpage 

Health Centre
W. A. Murphy Student Centre, 2nd level (north end)
902-566-0616 | Visit webpage
Hours of operation: 8:30 am鈥4:00 pm, Monday to Friday September to April

Health, Safety, and Environment
Atlantic Veterinary College, fourth floor South (428S)
902-566-0901 | Visit webpage

Human Resources
Kelley Memorial Building, 143
902-566-0514 | Visit webpage

Indigenous Knowledge, Education, Research, and Applied Studies (Faculty of)
Kelley Memorial Building, 236
902-620-5311 | Visit webpage 

Institute of Island Studies / Island Studies Press
SDU Main Building, 206
902-894-2881 |

Institutional Research Office
Yuqin Gong, Manager
Kelley Memorial Building, 232
902-566-0361 | Visit webpage 

Internal Audit and Risk Management
Alumni Hall, 103
902-566-0569 | Visit webpage 

International Student Office
Dalton Hall, fourth floor
902-566-0576 | Visit webpage

IT Systems and Services
Atlantic Veterinary College, 233S
902-566-0465 | Visit webpage

Robertson Library
902-566-0583 |

Marketing and Communications
Don and Marion McDougall Hall, 125
902-566-0947 | Visit webpage

Nursing (Faculty of)
Health Sciences Building, 109
902-566-0733 | Visit webpage

Office of Commercialization, Industry, and Innovation
Kelley Memorial Building
902-894-2877 | Visit webpage

Office of Continuing Education and Professional Development
Alumni Hall, 618 University Avenue
902-620-5216 | Visit webpage 

Office of Study Abroad and International Collaboration
Robertson Library Annex, 225
902-894-2837 | Visit webpage

Office of the President
Alumni Hall, 618 University Avenue
902-566-0400 | Visit webpage

Kelley Memorial Building, 126
902-566-0624 | Visit webpage

Recruitment Office
Dalton Hall, fourth floor
902-628-4353 | Visit webpage

Registrar's Office
Dalton Hall, second floor
902-566-0795 (fax) | Visit webpage
Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 - 4:00

Research Services
Kelley Memorial Building, 200
902-566-0637 | Visit webpage

Residence Services
Bill and Denise Andrew Hall, 121
902-566-0330 | Visit webpage

Science (Faculty of)
Cass Science Hall, 206
902-566-0382 | Visit webpage

Security Services
Central Utility Building
902-566-0384 | Visit webpage
Hours: 24 hours a day, all year 

Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office
Kelley Memorial Building, Room 117A
902-620-5090 | Visit webpage

Shipping/Receiving and Mail Services
Atlantic Veterinary College, 1011N

Student Affairs
Dalton Hall
902-566-0488 | Visit webpage

Sustainable Design Engineering (Faculty of)
Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering building
902-566-0764 | Visit webpage

Teaching and Learning Centre
Robertson Library Annex, Room 234 | Visit webpage 

精童欲女 Student Union
W. A. Murphy Student Centre
902-566-0530 |

Vice-President, Academic and Research
Kelley Memorial Building, 202
902-566-0637 | Visit webpage

Vice-President, Administration and Finance
Kelley Memorial Building, 205
902-566-0623 | Visit webpage

Webster Centre for Teaching and Learning
Dalton Hall
902-566-0488 | Visit webpage