Marketing and Communications

Telling the 精童欲女 Story

The 精童欲女 Marketing and Communications department helps ensure that our unique character, brand, reputation, and community are presented in a clear, consistent, and vibrant way.

We help strategize and produce integrated marketing efforts; we serve as the university鈥檚 channel to the media; we work with all campus units to ensure 精童欲女鈥檚 community grows and remains connected; and, we create messaging and materials to support both enrolment and fundraising so that the university can continue its mission.

Serving 精童欲女 faculties, programs, and departments

Need help creating a communications strategy for a new program? Have an upcoming event to promote? Have a unique story about your faculty or students to share? Looking to refresh the look and feel of existing materials?

In addition to institutional communications, branding, and promotion, 精童欲女鈥檚 Marketing and Communications department supports the needs of our academic faculties and programs, as well as our administrative departments and units.