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Marketing and Communications manages 精童欲女's core social media accounts, and maintains institutional social media guidelines and best practices. 


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Our team delivers coordinated and consistent communication to advance 精童欲女鈥檚 mission through our flagship social media accounts, and can help students, staff, faculty, academic departments, and administrative units with their social media strategies and channels. 

Social Media Strategy 

精童欲女鈥檚 social media presence is substantial, and it is growing. With the coordinated strategy outlined here, a set of platform-specific policies and an evolving set of tips and best practices, the university and the individual departments and administrative units within the campus community can continue to build a robust social media identity for 精童欲女.  

in My精童欲女 for a strategic overview for each social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube).

Social Media Best Practices

As an account manager using social media, it is important to be honest about who you are and what you represent. Your conversations in the social sphere reflect on the account manager and 精童欲女's brand.

in My精童欲女 for general and platform-specific best practices.

Social Media Directory

精童欲女's Social Media Directory lists all existing university-related social media accounts. If you're managing a 精童欲女-related social media account not listed in our directory, please contact

Visit the 精童欲女 Social Media Directory

Looking to start a social media presence for your program, department, or on-campus initiative?